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    I like building tribes: communities with a shared purpose.


    these are the tribes I'm currently helping build.


    These are the digital tools i use to test & build new tribes.


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  • tribes

    Live differently for a little while. Community Projects in Bali, Sierra Leone, Umbria, & Papua New Guinea.


    Role: Founder 

    On a mission to liberate 1m professionals to find work they love: School, Festival, Global Community.


    Role: Tribe Leader 

    Not-for-profit Virgin company for Entrepreneurs.
    Role: Business Advisor & Event Host
  • Not your average book club.


    Role: Co-founding Rebel

    Nurturing talent in Africa.


    Role: Long-term friend

    Schools for Creative Leadership - Amsterdam, Vancouver, Lisbon


    Role: Founding Participant

    Discover a world of treehouses.


    Status: Looking for roosters


    Discover amazing places to swim


    Status: Looking for pool hunters

    Schools that are changing the way we see education


    Status: Looking for unstatus quo educators

  • book

    "Couldn't put this book down - What a story. In a world where most of us fail to attempt anything bold, exciting or different it is refreshing to read of an entrepreneur who does so half the world away in a profoundly unique, intact Polynesian culture. Great pictures, too!"

    If you doubt whether a website could be socially relevant to the real world, an account of how it can and was brought about.

    "Ben has something of Richard Branson's boundless, relentless enthusiasm." The Guardian

  • blog

  • milestones


    Started 'Career Break Cafe' blog after driving to Timbuktu  to help people plan long-terms trips mid-career


    Crowdfunded the renting of Vorovoro Island in Fiji (with 1000 new tribe members): Tribewanted was born


    Survived an island fire, a cyclone & a political coup in the first year of island life


    Celebrated 3 years island success - BBC tv documentary & book: 'Paradise or Bust'


    Travelled to Sierra Leone & worked with Right to Dream on setting up the Craig Bellamy Football Academy


    Spoke at launch party of Escape the City before setting up camp for a year on the beach in SL


    Became a founding member of THNK: The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. 


    Supported the Ghanaian Paralympic team from Right to Dream with my fiancee at London 2012 


    Launched Tribewanted's first European project: Monestevole, a farm in Umbria, with Filippo Bozotti


    Advised entrepreneurs at Virgin Startup, wrote about 'Schools for Life', mapped the world's treehouses & made the first 'Escape to the Woods' festival


    Spent the winter hosting startups in Bali with Tribewanted (& pool hunting), started Rebel Book Club in London & led the startup tribe programs at Escape the City

  • For speaking, hosting, & tribe building!