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    I like building tribes: communities with a shared purpose.


    these are the tribes I'm currently helping build.


    These are the digital tools i use to test & build new tribes.


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  • tribes

    On a mission to wake up the working world: School, Opportunities, Festival, Global Community.


    Role: Director

    Live differently for a little while. Community Experiences & Retreats in Umbria & beyond.


    Role: Founder

    Not-for-profit Virgin company for Entrepreneurs.


    Role: Business Advisor & Event Host

  • Not your average book club.


    Role: Co-founding Rebel

    Schools that are changing the way we see education


    Status: Looking for unstatus quo educators

    Nurturing talent in Africa.


    Role: Long-term friend

    Schools for Creative Leadership - Amsterdam, Vancouver, Lisbon


    Role: Founding Participant

    Discover a world of treehouses.


    Status: Looking for roosters


    Discover amazing places to swim


    Status: Looking for pool hunters

  • book

    "Couldn't put this book down - What a story. In a world where most of us fail to attempt anything bold, exciting or different it is refreshing to read of an entrepreneur who does so half the world away in a profoundly unique, intact Polynesian culture. Great pictures, too!"

    If you doubt whether a website could be socially relevant to the real world, an account of how it can and was brought about.

    "Ben has something of Richard Branson's boundless, relentless enthusiasm." The Guardian

  • blog

  • milestones


    Started 'Career Break Cafe' blog after driving to Timbuktu  to help people plan long-terms trips mid-career


    Crowdfunded the renting of Vorovoro Island in Fiji (with 1000 new tribe members): Tribewanted was born


    Survived an island fire, a cyclone & a political coup in the first year of island life


    Celebrated 3 years island success - BBC tv documentary & book: 'Paradise or Bust'


    Travelled to Sierra Leone & worked with Right to Dream on setting up the Craig Bellamy Football Academy


    Spoke at launch party of Escape the City before setting up camp for a year on the beach in SL


    Became a founding member of THNK: The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. 


    Supported the Ghanaian Paralympic team from Right to Dream with my fiancee at London 2012 


    Launched Tribewanted's first European project: Monestevole, a farm in Umbria, with Filippo Bozotti


    Advised entrepreneurs at Virgin Startup, wrote about 'Schools for Life', mapped the world's treehouses & made the first 'Escape to the Woods' festival


    Spent the winter hosting startups in Bali with Tribewanted (& pool hunting), started Rebel Book Club in London & led the startup tribe programs at Escape the City


    Full-tilt at Escape London - leading 2 more startup tribes & building our team. Rebel Book Club hits 20 books + 150 members

  • Lessons


    Its not what you start, its that you start. Selling online ads is hard.


    Braveness is rewarded but comes with significant responsibility. Don't complicate the mission.


    Tenacity is critical but being clear on priorities is not easy. Feedback can be good for the head but not for the heart.


    Ego can be the enemy if you're not careful. Power is better shared.


    New beginnings can revitalise.


    Taking on the biggest challenge not always the best business move but often the best life move.


    Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.


    Inspiration can come from unlikely sources - stay open.


    Sometimes its good to pick low hanging fruit.


    Creativity should be central to most things.


    Mindsets shift with community. Scaling impact models not easy.


    Building a team (& family at the same time) is hard.

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